IoT & Industry 4.0

Wireless devices of long-range and low energy cost, digital sensors integration, high computational power, complex logics and statistics processing in field, and extremely friendly softwares that enable sensing and processes automation in a very simple way and accessible to diagnosis, controls and decision making.

Sensing wireless module 2Stools Flex DAq

Multifunctional device capable to operate with datalogger, basic control module, gateway wireless and I/O repeater

Universal automation table 2Stools Plug&Play Automation

Increase of production, reduction of energy consumption and image surveillance.

Industrial computer 2Stools IC

The product is a hybrid automation solution that unifies functionalities of an industrial computer and logic programmable controller.

Monitoring software, historization and remote access 2Stools Overview

A web tool developed by 2Solve for supervision, control, statics processing, alarm management and data historization.

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