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To be a natural partner to the development of non-conventional technological solutions in automation and to be a bridge between the market and the scientific field, always adding value to all people that are involved, acting with ethics, and searching for continuous evolution.

Our Business

We are providers of different automation solutions. In order to do that, we count on our engineering team specialized in R&D and with a dedicated staff that provides services like support, instrumentation, and calibration to the industrial sector and scientific field.

We act in a technical way and strategically to create solutions that are useful and efficiently used by clients. We practice innovation by developing integrated automation solutions and offering hardware, software, and services.


The 2solve’s code of ethics is available to its collaborators (associates, employees, temporary trainees) and partners. It must be used as an orientation instrument and aid in decision making.

In this Code, there are the main references that should rule the relationship between the Company and its employees, suppliers, community, clients, and public agencies. Besides it also prevents conflicting interests.


We seek to be recognized in diverse segments of the market as an information provider that contributes to productivity, developing and integrating automation solutions, engineering, hardware, and software. We want to offer solutions more affordable and known for statistics data processing and provision of info in real-time, being recognized for excellence in the application of the concepts IoT, IIoT, or Industry 4.0


We initiated our journey providing calibration and tech support services to researchers. To the scientific field, since the beginning we have projected, built, integrated and operated experimental circuits of fluid flow, besides project and build prototypes for different purposes.

Our great deeds happened in 2018, because in that year we started to industrialize a hybrid of industrial computer and CLP. We conquered the INMETRO belief seal and developed a web tool for historization, statistics data processing and info provision in real time.

The competence to project and build softwares and hardwares gives us the liberty to create. The sum of all these factors results in the capacity of developing diverse solutions, that are objectives and effectives. Hence, we avoid the exaggerations and provide the best relation cost-benefit to our partners.

PTo the industry we have been acting in automation engineering services, calibration, technical support for companies such as Petrobras and Vale. The experiences in the universes of industry and science developed our capacity of seeing the industrial processes in a different way. The commitment with our partners puts us by their side so our perceptions are more aligned and the solution more fitted.

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